Consultancy how may I help you?

I have been building dynamic websites since 1999, specialising in Open Source technologies.

Whether you need someone to build a website, or to achieve something out of the ordinary, I may be able to help.

My training in Systems Analysis & Design enables me to think in terms of your business needs first, and discuss technical solutions second.
I'm more likely to ask you what you are trying to achieve, than to blind you with geek science!

With years of agency experience, I can lead a project team or lend an extra hand when you need it.

Contract and agency work is welcome, as are private clients.

Web Scripting

I began in the 1990's with Microsoft's Active Server Pages. Now I enjoy Object-Oriented Programming with PHP 5.3

"Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world."

Database design

I write fully-normalised relational database schema wherever possible and practical. SQLyog is my tool of choice for rapid prototyping, and remote deployment.

"The world's most popular open source database."

MVC Frameworks

From years of procedural and Object Oriented solutions, the paradigm shift to the Model - View - Controller design pattern seemed inevitable.

I favour Yii, and have production experience with CodeIgniter, Kohana and Zend Framework

Client-side scripting

Not so long ago, Javascript was a casualty of the browser wars. Thankfully, jQuery gives the joy back to client-side programmers.

On the fly error-checking; bits that fade and slide; content that stays fresh as if by magic: thank you, jQ.

Responsive design

Keeping up with the markup world, I tend to use HTML5 on a new build.

Responsive web design is my standard, using client-side frameworks such as Bootstrap from Twitter, and the 960 Grid System.

Stay classy

CSS3 is to its early versions what jQuery development is to old-school javascripting: rich, helpful, and the needed resolution to so many tricks and hacks.

The DOM is easier to traverse, functionally and stylistically!

Apache config

Whether bundled into XAMPP, or deployed as a set of services in Linux, the Apache Web Server is fast, secure and reliable.

"The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good."

Shelling out

Ubuntu is my distro of choice. I have used various flavours of Linux since 1996, including Red Hat, Suse, CentOS and Debian.

"Since its inception 20 years ago, the Linux operating system has become the most widely used software in the world."

My customers some of my clients & employers, past and present